A Shout Out to Adbusters and the Occupy Movement

by Granate Sosnoff on 7th December, 2011

Just when you thought there was only single-issue protest left out there, the Occupy Wall Street 99% came on the scene to give us something real and compelling to respond to, talk about and support. Aside from some of the tactics and drum circles, this movement has been a breath of fresh air for many on the left and progressives. Thanks to the people out there we have a discourse that mentions “income disparity” in the daily paper. Ordinary and decent people who are angry at losing houses and jobs and need and want change are getting an audience. Fingers are getting pointed at the right institutions.

Kudos to Adbusters the Canadian magazine that launched this whole movement. An amazing thing to have a group like this that spoofs corporate advertising in a socially biting, lefty, sometimes ironic and usually intelligent way, be responsible for starting this surprising and important protest. Check them out at http://www.adbusters.org/

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