Afternoon in the park

by Granate Sosnoff on 10th July, 2012

Every so often you witness something that reminds you that some of the education of children is largely invisible.

At the park today, reading the paper while a mostly white group of kids and their parents play kickball and a small group of Black people prepare for an afternoon barbecue. Cultural difference is everywhere in Oakland, and part of what makes it a beloved and interesting city, even in the parks… In the Hollywood version, the African Americans would be invited to play kickball and enjoy it. And the white folks would suddenly grow an appreciation for Black, urban music and dance.

Instead I watch two separate worlds stay separate. I notice a small, well-groomed Black child eating his lunch when I hear his mom come up and tell him (in an even voice) to move and to not “ever sit down next to an unattended purse.” He was about my daughter’s age, ten or so, and he responded nonchalantly and moved closer to their stuff.

Another weekend reminder of the difference out here and all the work still needing to get done.

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