Anti-Rage Against the Machine

by Granate Sosnoff on 21st November, 2011

The spitting mad activist spokesperson is annoying. Really annoying.*

As a participant, I lived through 80s Feminism on a progressive campus, so I’ve been inoculated for way-empowered, and fuming mad, but I think the booster is no longer effective.

I find myself liking the calm, lying corporate PR guy on NPR as he spars with an activist organizational head because the ED of (blank) organization has this extreme anger he can barely contain.

I wish there was some kind of anti-rage pill that could be taken before these debates since I am sure the nonprofit ED is the actual kind, smart individual, just trapped in a crazy world where they/we have to keep on reframing the debate.

But, it’s gotta be done. A former boss used to say that “responsible extremism” is how we move the agenda. And certainly there’s a lot of righteous anger, but the smart person, who keeps their cool up against the enemy, is our favorite hero.

The best of them, like The ED of the Oakland Institute, Anuradha Mittal, has seen first-hand how ugly the world can get for people who are kept in the dark while corporations tinker with their futures. She’s working hard to give a voice to hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people who are being adversely impacted by corporate land grabs in Africa

And still keeps her cool.

(I am not talking about protestors, fyi, and the Occupy people in particular, I support them, I was spitting mad after seeing recent video…)

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