PETA and their ads

by Granate Sosnoff on 28th November, 2011

Seems like PETA is more focused on naked starlets against fur than an overall agenda for animal rights and their ethical treatment.

They’ve gone from showing lab monkeys in cages and bunny rabbits in make-up to this. Arguably the ads are more pleasing – but besides getting attention what are they doing? Who wears fur? My mom once a year in the early 60s. Visiting Contessas?

And are lab animals, the fur industry, and pet-eating in Korea really a larger problem than big, dirty, greenhouse gas-producing chicken farm/factories in America’s heartland?

I think that most of us with any exposure to it can agree that the meat industry is disgusting. But a large population eats meat and is going to keep eating meat.

We would dearly like to eat meat that is safer, less factory-based, and oh I don’t know, something less gross than what exists and closer to the ritual killing of that water buffalo in Apocalypse Now.

A kind of harm-reduction model of animal farming and butchering – a groovy Michael Pollan/Alice Waters meat production. Maybe sometimes with a Rabbi. Small producers, organic, local…

Getting us all to become vegans is going to take a while. We know PETA’s mission, it wouldn’t kill them to work with us a little and launch an interim plan that includes a more ethical treatment of animals in a sometimes meat-eating world.

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