Tight pants are good for the revolution: Russell Brand

by Granate Sosnoff on 26th October, 2013

The last time we heard this much talk about a revolution, from British celebrity, it was the Beatles.

Actor and comic Russell Brand’s recent “revolution” video interview was a refreshing critique of the powers that be and struck a chord with many – judging by the millions of views. His protest against voting as “tacit complicity” in a nonworking political system that “administrates for corporate interests” was much more cogent than what I could come up with in college. (I voted anyway.)

The power of our vote to create change gets sold to us every four years or so and delivers, in Brand’s view, incremental changes within an existing “failed paradigm.”

I enjoyed hearing this passionate and intelligent extremism from a celebrity with a large audience. His defense of facetiousness and reference to “Prius-owning” offered bonus and entertaining critique.

If you haven’t heard this rare shake up of the status quo, including the word “revolution” without association with a product or service, here it is. Brand isn’t playing spokesperson or do-gooder, the interview is unscripted and that’s part of it’s power.

“I am angry, I am angry because for me it’s real, for me it’s not just some peripheral thing that I turn up once in a while to a church bake for. For me this is where I come from, this is what I care about… this is time to wake up.”
(Excerpt from interview.)

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