Time is precious, people sometimes just watch the words on the page or screen. A memorable hook is important for your audience, the press, policymakers and the like. Here are some recent samples of Granate’s writing.

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Year-end appeal (1 of 3) Concept, writing and design

East Bay College Fund – College Access

East Bay College Fund – Reboot

Campaign update – year end appeal – 2013

Recent Articles

When did “social justice” become dirty words and “fairness” a rallying cry?

Dream defenders: Superheroes for racial justice

Oscar Grant, Zimmerman trial and BART strike connected

Brian Eno drank here

Six ounces to fine: Perestroika at Periscope Cellars

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US AID Supports Forced Relocation of 70,000 Ethiopians

Press Releases: 

Papua New Guinea Losing Independence: Investigation Blames the Modern Land Grab

Will Cameroon Bear the Brunt of Herakles’ Implosion?

Fingerprints of International Aid on Forced Relocation, Repression, and Human Rights Abuse in Ethiopia

False Climate Solutions Drive Land Grabs in Africa

Success at Halting Largest Land Deal in South Sudan

Briefs and Reports:
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Recent brief on Herakles Farms in Cameroon

Various briefs and reports on large-scale land investment in Africa